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  Your Furnace Repair Needs

Your home Heating and Air Conditioning system is considered by most  to be an "out of sight, out of mind" part of your home until it develops an issue that forces the system to be front and center. When there is a problem, you need the fix now, not in 2 weeks or at the convenience of the company you are calling. For some, your repair may be getting in the way of a profitable installation. That is not our way of thinking here at Mountain Ash Heating and Air Conditioning.

We are committed to getting your system fixed and getting you or your family comfortable as soon as humanly possible. Mountain Ash Heating and Air Conditioning is no longer in the business of new equipment sales or installations.  We do not sell maintenance agreements. We focus solely on the repair of your system and getting your concerns focused elsewhere. 

Mountain Ash Heating and Air Conditioning is a flat rate company with respect to your  final bill. We are not time and material. We do not have a very high overhead to support. As such, we can keep your cost at approximately 1/2 to 2/3 the cost of the big ad companies utilizing the very same components. 

We will get your repair done today. 24/7. There may be additional charges, after hours and on weekends, to get parts distributors to open up their doors for specialized or unique components not carried as normal truck stock. Nobody can carry every part. 

We no longer repair boilers, electric baseboard, mini split systems, gas log fireplaces, cleanings, or certifications. We are focused solely on Heating and Air Conditioning repairs. This keeps costs down.