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Mountain Ash Drag Racing Engines
Custom Building Forged Balanced Blueprinted
       555 ci (9.1L) to 632 ci (10.4L) Engines

These engines will produce 630 to 1050 horsepower
in their (NA) normally aspirated configuration alone.
This 565 cid Pro Sportsman engine was installed in an 18 ft TOI dragboat. The dyno displayed 961 hp at 7200 rpm and 875 lb.ft torque at 6600rpm. These engines are not recommended for street use other than highly modified Pro-Street due to the  horsepower and torque.  These engines require 93 Octane and above. Can build for 1471 Supercharged or Nitrous. 

This is a 6-71 Supercharged (Blown) 355 ci SBC
with a fully forged and balanced rotating assembly.
961 Horsepower 565 CID Drag-Boat